Matt Dass

Owner @ Eon Visual Media

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Matt Dass is Managing Director & Owner of Eon Visual Media & Springfield Solutions, two Humber-based businesses both placing a heavy focus on digital in their day-to-day running. Eon Visual Media is a digital media agency, with core services including Animation, App, Design, Video, Web & Marketing. Springfield Solutions is a Brand Management, Digital Print & Media company, operating on a global scale.

Matt is passionate about innovation and a lover of all things digital. With a combined 30 years of experience at the head of two companies in the digital media & print industries, he’s seen first-hand the world’s need & desire for technology growth and experienced a shift in technology trends. Matt has a particular interest in Augmented Reality and its impact on the industry, especially healthcare.

Matt believes AR, in combination with existing data and AI, can help the World become a healthier place – leading to a greater quality of life for everyone.

When noting a particular technology that had an impact on his life, “Matt refers to Wi-Fi, which ’still blows his mind’. Matt quotes Arthur C Clarke who noted that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” which he believes to be true of Wi-Fi.

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