Christina Colmer McHugh

Founder @ Moodbeam

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Bonus Arena: 1st - 2nd October

“A BBC-trained journalist whose services as a writer were in demand from a diverse range of organisations, including news providers, politicians, and prominent businesses, Christina Colmer McHugh left her profession three years ago to focus on a project fuelled by a very personal passion – the pioneering Moodbeam wearable device.

Inspired by her young daughter’s experience of a tough situation at school, Christina changed direction altogether to invent a product to help people of all ages communicate about their wellbeing using simple technology

Christina’s focus has always been communication. As a journalist over the last 20 years in newspapers, both regional and national, and in magazines and radio, she has built up an enviable network of contacts. She includes in that time 15 years’ experience specialising in public relations in both B2B and B2C sectors as well as working in government at both local and national levels and on many charity events.

Christina has been a columnist, features editor, and contributor for some of the UK’s leading regional dailies, broadsheets, and popular magazines. She has also written for many bi-lingual publications after spending a period of time in France. Christina has also spent many years as a ghostwriter for several high profile politicians and celebrities.

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