Bob Spence

Co-founder of 5next Software Limited

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Bonus Arena: 1st - 2nd October

Signature sale as the lead sales professional: the money transfer system the Pakistan State Post Office now uses as their operating system through Pakistan and the Middle East.

Co-founder of 5next Software Limited based at C4DI @TheDock.

First product ‘Rainmaker PRO’ is a business development algorithm designed for the legal services profession. MVP successfully pre-sold to clients in Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Beijing.

(MOU now exist for all four opportunities for late 2019 release).

Trainer/coach based at the C4DI Barclays Eagle-Lab Incubator.


Delivering training/coaching that supports soft ware enterprise with sales skills.

Change management specialist in Central Europe with a focus on improving sales models and methodology working for leading German consultancy Dr Krause & Partners.

Extensive range of sales experiences across the private and the public sectors including: financial services, legal services, IT, telecommunications, health and insurance. This encompasses: negotiation advice, sales modelling, consultancy, arbitration, coaching and corporate training.

Sales experience spans throughout Europe, Middle East and the USA.

International speaker that in the last 12 months has spoken on tech sector business development in conferences at: Kosice, Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, Warsaw, Lublin, Rzeszow, Wroclaw, Krakow, Frankfurt and Los Angeles.

Spent over 11,000 hours in negotiation proceedings, closed over 3,600 transactions across all sectors, delivered more than 1700 training sessions, seminars, workshops and key notes, over 15,000 people trained across a 25 year period.

Author of the only accredited learning in the United Kingdom regarding the subject of building ‘professional & commercial connections’.

Awarded the prestigious ‘Million Dollar Roundtable’ award by generating more than $ of sales commission two years running as a leading sales professional in the financial services business to business sector.

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